We are ChipLab Studio!

Rec, Mix and Mastering for Chip, DIY Electronics and Synth Music Projects.

This project was conceived as a way of providing personalized, low cost audio solutions for music projects that require special expertise.

It could be raw Chiptune, DIY electronic music, or Synth music.

What we offer

You can work with us at the Studio or via Online!


AT Chip Lab you can WORK your projects with professional equipment for both line and acoustic recordings. We have a 16 channel recording system, we can support over-dub and live performance recordings. See our pre-amps and mics.


We Provide digital as well as hybrid mixing. See our mixer and monitors We can also mix your works ONLINE. Send us your recording and we mix it for you.

OnLine ChipTune Recording

We support online recording for Game Boy, NES and OPL3 Tunes. Send us your files and we record THEM for you!. Contact us for more .


Work with us to give the finishing touch to your album, mix and recordings.

Special Mastering For CHIPTUNE

We know chiptuners are sometimes searching for a unique sound. We can give your finished tracks with great volume without losing your raw sound.

The Chip Lab

These are some of our components in our lab.

  • Sennheiser 541
  • Sennheiser 421
  • Sennheiser 422
  • Sennheiser 416
  • Sennheiser Mkh 80 P48
  • AKG D12E
  • AKG 414 x4
  • AKG C1000
  • SHURE Beta 52
  • SHURE SM 58 & Beta
  • SHURE SM 57
  • Neumann U89i
Midi Interfaces & Controllers
  • M-Audio Axiom 49
  • Akai APC 20
  • ArduinoBoy
  • Korg NanoControl
  • Epiphone Casino + Bigsby
  • EHX Memory Boy Deluxe
  • Big Muff Pi Russian
  • CryBaby Dunlop
  • Charango
  • Vintage Roger Drums (ask for details)
  • Line 6 Flextone III Cab
Console & Pre-Amp
  • Soundcraft delta 24.
  • Focusrite Octopre MKII.
  • Amek Pure Path Stereo Channel Strip
  • MOTU 8pre.
  • MOTU Ultralite MKIII
Monitors & Headphones
  • Krk Rokit8 G2
  • Genelec 1029a
  • Beyerdynamics DT-770 Pro
  • Akg 551 x2
Processors & FX
  • Drawmer DL231 Dual Compressor
  • D.I. BSS AR.133 Active Box x 2
  • Amek Pure Path Compresor Stereo
Chips & Synths
  • Akai s3000xl
  • DMG 01 Prosound x4
  • NES Pal version
  • OPL3 y EMU8000 (AWE32)
  • Alesis Sample Pad
  • Commodore 64 C

Works & News

These are some of our works and recent news from the studio.

22/09/2015We have two C64 C !

Now you can record your c64 tunes :) with us.

20/04/2015New Two Games One boy Album

Released Via Cheapbeat.net, mixed at ChipLab.

06/04/2015Fresh New Site

We are glad to anounce our new and fresh website. Now everything is more clear and you can see a litle bit more of the studio and us. Hope you like it!


06/04/2015 - Libera Tu Mono LP


Nativo - Tribal Bass EP

06/04/2015 - :D


Orquesta Paradiso - Isla Fiesta

06/04/2015 - EP

Mix and Mastering

Selector Guita New Tune

06/04/2015 - We are glad to work with this great producer.

Mix - Mastering

Conspiraciones Tropicales Vol. 1

06/04/2015 - Various Artist


Two Games One Boy

06/04/2015 - Songs From Migrational Waves

Rec and Mix


06/04/2015 - Transmut


Co Mu

06/04/2015 - K.O. Computer EP

Mix and Mastering


06/04/2015 - Two Games One Boy first EP

Recording, Mix, Mastering


06/04/2015 - Great Argentine 8 Bit and Circuit Bending compilation by LOWTOY Net Label



Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Chip Lab Studio, Madrid, Spain.